The Lillian Dowell Fund was created to increase dialogue around stillbirth, and to support and empower families affected by this harrowing life event. Our family's hope is that the resources shared here will remind each visitor that no one has to navigate this experience alone, and offer paths to learning more about this important maternal and fetal health issue.
Having Important Conversations
We need to talk about the experience of losing a baby. Click here to read stories from women around the globe.
Read more about how to talk with children about still birth and miscarriage.
Pregnancy loss is common. Bodily has the information and tools to help you and your supporters understand, navigate and cope with pregnancy loss.
Seeking Support through Therapy
Find support for women navigating stillbirth or supporting a loved one through a stillbirth.
Find support for dads, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, or any men whose lives have been impacted by stillbirth.
Get support via online therapy.
Understanding Stillbirth
support from ldf
Send a link to a friend or loved one who may benefit from the resources included on this site. You may also use the button below to nominate yourself or someone else to be the recipient of a one-time gift of financial support from LDF, to help with your or a loved one's needs in the period following a stillbirth. This resource may be used to send or share a meal, secure therapy, offset the burden of time away from work, or to provide support in whatever ways you need.